A blooming success as Australian rose grower Grandiflora and horticultural supplier Royal Brinkman celebrate 40 years of partnership

Pictured left to right are Brendon Anderson (Nursery & Project Manager – Grandiflora), Mr Harry Schreuders (Director – Grandiflora), Christiaan Rolandus Boers (Royal Brinkman Technical Projects/Project Engineer), David Sobevski (Managing Director Brinkman Australia).

WESTLAND, Netherlands, BRAESIDE, Australia: Rose grower Grandiflora and horticultural supplier Royal Brinkman have been working successfully in a strong partnership built on mutual trust and ongoing support.  An industry partnership operating for 40 years was recently celebrated.

For this occasion Royal Brinkman’s Technical Projects/Project Engineer Christiaan Rolandus Boers presented Grandiflora director Harry Schreuders with an entirely hand-painted Delft blue plate featuring a greenhouse packed with blooms.

David Sobevski, Managing Director Brinkman Australia says, “We wanted to celebrate this milestone as we are extremely proud of our longstanding association with Grandiflora. We look forward to continuing to work closely with Grandiflora providing them with superior quality solutions and global best practices designed to address their requirements.”

Harry Schreuders, Director Grandiflora: “Royal Brinkman have been instrumental in our nurseries’ development since the early 1980s, then with further additional expansion phases and in more recent times with the replacement of our environmental climate control computer, fertigation stations and crop protection equipment. With the supply and support from Royal Brinkman over four decades, Grandiflora gives thanks to Royal Brinkman in being one of the contributing factors in our company’s success as the producer of “Australia’s finest roses.”

Global specialist with local presence

Royal Brinkman is dedicated to creating a better and sustainable future for the protected horticulture entrepreneur worldwide. With a history of more than 135 years Royal Brinkman is a global horticultural supplier, advisor and installer with in-depth knowledge of protected cropping. Royal Brinkman Australia key industry partner has been supporting Australian growers since its inception in 2015. “We’re situated locally in this market where we focus ourselves on supplying high quality products in combination with developing innovative solutions and applications, either standard or customised. When it comes to protected cropping Royal Brinkman is the partner for every professional grower, at the forefront of the latest trends and developments in vegetables, flowers, berries and cannabis production”,  says David Sobevski.


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