New plants shine in Selecta One’s virtual product showcase

STUTTGART, Germany: Selecta One once again presents its latest bedding and balcony plant products and highlights for the 2021/22 season in the form of a virtual tour. The online B2B platform ( bring industry professionals together 24/7 and enable buyers to browse through the breeder’s product portfolio.

Visitors can use the platform from the comfort of their own home or office to find out about the latest Selecta range. In a series of new videos, the Selecta team introduces its new, exciting varieties and concepts, explains their benefits and passes on cultivation tips and tricks.

Selecta One highlights the following new varieties and concepts for the 2021/22 season:

Verbena Mr. LavaLava

Verbena Mr LavaLava

With its exceptionally bright orange-red flower colour, Verbena Mr. LavaLava attracts all eyes. It convinces with its earliness and wide branching. Its growth is flat and creeping, making it ideal for covering areas and as a ground cover. But it also fits to hanging baskets. It can be combined in many ways and always stands out with its unique flower colour and strong signal effect. For the consumer, it has a continuous flowering period without a summer break. A unique appearance and therefore a real highlight. With this unique Verbena, Selecta one enters the race for the FleuroStar Award 2021/22 this year.





SKYfamily Petunias

Petunia Glowing Sky

The SKYfamily by Selecta has some eagerly awaited new additions: The tried and tested Glowing Sky, with its bright red colour and typical starry sky pattern. This variety is the only one of its kind on the market. It is also joined by: Pink Sky, Cherry Sky and Carmine Sky. Selecta provides all the colour variants in this pattern in superior quality and from a single source. These varieties are easy to produce – using similar production methods to the Famous series. The tried and tested SKYfamily marketing concept is compatible with and applicable to all SKY varieties.




Drums® Verbena series

Verbena Drums Red White.

This series has delighted growers since its first year and demand for it has exceeded expectations. The series meets all the expectations of a modern product thanks to its ease of production – no pinching and virtually no inhibitors are required. Early-blooming and compact, highly productive per unit of land, strong POS presence, excellent flowering continuity in the home – the Drums® varieties are redefining Verbenas. The series currently comprises seven varieties and is now being expanded to include Drums® Red White – a high-contrast addition to the two-tone varieties. The series is backed up by an attention-grabbing marketing concept with the slogan, “Drums® – take the lead!”.

Pelargonium Sunrise® Holly

The new Sunrise® Holly is a green-leaved zonal Pelargonium in an extraordinarily beautiful novelty colour. Although it grows slightly more vigorously, it still fits in fantastically with the Sunrise® series. Its water-coloured blooms in delicate pink blending into white are completely on trend and create a truly romantic look. This variety has very large blooms, is well branching and reliably early.

Pelargonium Moonlight® Ruby Lee

Ruby Lee is an extremely beautiful colour addition to the Moonlight® range. Its striking deep red colour with pink/purple edging immediately catches the eye. The colour is all the more radiant in contrast with its dark-coloured foliage. This highly robust variety has extra-large umbels, whose intense velvety red colour creates a very refined impression. It is also easy to produce.

Pelargonium Moonlight® Thelma & Louise

The two new Moonlight® varieties Thelma and Louise make a great combination. Both varieties are part of the Moonlight® series because of their dark foliage, but in contrast to the other varieties they are single-flowered and therefore self-cleaning. Both varieties have a compact growth habit, although Thelma is a little more compact than Louise. As such, they perform very well in mass production. These striking eye-type varieties will win you over with their beautiful early flowers, healthy-looking dark green foliage and round composition.

Planta Morgana concept

The new “Planta Morgana” concept showcases drought-tolerant plants that even cope well during our increasingly dry summers with low rainfall. In summer 2020, Selecta one collaborated with LVG Heidelberg –  LVG Heidelberg screens bedding plant range of drought tolerance • AIPH – to test its B&B range for heat tolerance. The concept highlights varieties that received a “good” or “very good” rating for the “overall impact” and “irreversible plant damage” criteria, even when given half the normal amount of water over the summer. The varieties include: Delosperma, Portulaca, Sedum, Annual Phlox and Lantana. Not to mention various Pelargoniums, Calibrachoa and pot carnations that stood up to the drought and performed extremely well.

Dianthus Diantica® Violet Blue

The Diantica® Violet Blue variety has a wonderful blueish-violet colour and early, uniform flowers with a distinctive colour pattern. Violet Blue is an excellent variety for baskets due to its trailing yet neat structure. Selecta also recommends it for large pots. The variety has a wide, straight growth habit and is very sturdy. It has a light scent and beautiful dark foliage, making it an absolute eye-catcher.

Osteospermum 3D Nanuk

The pure white 3D Nanuk is an impressive and high-performing new variety in Selecta’s double-flowered Osteospermum series. What’s unique about the 3D varieties is that the flowers do not close. It’s also a uniform series that is easy to cultivate.

Calibrachoa MiniFamous® Neo Flaming

The new calibrachoa variety “Flaming” is right at home in the MiniFamous® Neo series by Selecta. It is a wonderful hanging variety with a good structure and early blooms. The play of colours in this variety makes a special enhancement to the Neo series. The changing flower colours adapt to different light and temperature conditions.

Erysimum Leya series

The five new Erysimum varieties from the Leya series will really catch the eye in spring. Their fresh, modern colours are clear and bright, making them extremely attractive. They’re also popular for their light scent. They flower early and have a long flowering period. The structure of the Leya varieties is compact to moderate. They only require a very small amount of inhibitors, if any, during production, which makes them suitable for an energy-saving crop management approach, i.e. cold cultivation. This enables growers to achieve a high level of output per unit of land. The Leya varieties make a fantastic addition to springtime mixes, balcony boxes and even flower beds.

Dahlia Dalaya® Meena Kalea

This 2021 newcomer exhibits bright white petals around a delicate yellow centre and resembles the two-tone type of most Selecta Dalaya® Meena varieties. They are well known for their unusual, playful two-tone varieties. Kalea has excellent branching characteristics as well as being highly vigorous, making it suitable for production in larger-sized pots, generally between 13 and 17 cm. Its outdoor performance is just as great as the other colours in the Dalaya® Meena series. Kalea is the perfect Dahlia, attracting a multitude of insects and bees right through into autumn.

Selecta Show Gardens 2021:

As in previous years, the Selecta show gardens are open from June to September 2021. Visitors must register in advance by emailing or by contacting their designated Selecta sales representative. The latest coronavirus regulations apply.

Selecta Show Garden addresses:

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