2nd ‘Plants for Life, Plants to survive’ webinar to focus on healthy soils

LANSINGERLAND, Netherlands: On 2 February 2021, biocontrols supplier Koppert Biological Systems will hold a free webinar, designed to explain how plant health and healthy soils are intrinsically linked.

Inspiring keynote speakers will shine their light on the various aspects of plant health and human health, and discuss their viewpoints with an online audience of young professionals, scientists, entrepreneurs, activists, creatives, chefs and government reps.

The  2 February webinar will broadcast live at 4pm CET (Central European Time) and marks the second of three webinars from the ‘Plants for Life, Plants to Survive’ series.

The Healthy Soil theme is a natural choice; when we walk on the ground, we are really walking on the roof top of another world. The amount of living organisms below ground is considerably greater than that above ground. Together with climate, these organisms are responsible for the decay of organic matter and the cycling of both macro- and micro-nutrients back into forms that plants can use. Healthy soil means healthy food and, in the end, healthy animals and people.

Jill Clapperton.

Jill Clapperton, a scientist and founder/owner of Rhizoterra Inc. will explain why practices that promote soil health are so crucial and how healthy soils, healthy food and healthy people interconnect. She says, “‘When we use a balanced approach to agriculture that includes soil health, the results are great yields of nutrient dense food, clean air and water, more ecosystem services, and health for people and their animals. Not to mention that you have an environmental marketing story that consumers like, and food they want to eat. This may sound a bit altruistic, futuristic, and too good to be true. But there are plenty of farmers in the world with proof.”

John Kempf.


John Kempf is a grower, entrepreneur, speaker, podcast host and teacher. He founded Advancing Eco Agriculture, Crop Health Labs, Ozadia, and the Regenerative Agriculture Academy and is passionate about the potential of well-managed agriculture ecosystems to reverse ecological degradation.

He says, “I firmly believe that regenerative agriculture management systems can regenerate producer profitability and create economic incentives for producers and produce crops that are inherently resistant to possible infections, eliminating the need for pesticides. They produce food that can regenerate public health, with an elevated content of immune compounds that transfer plant immunity to livestock and people, providing food as medicine and can rapidly sequester carbon, build soil organic matter much faster than commonly expected, restore hydrological cycles, cool the climate, and reduce the water requirements of a crop.”

The webinar series, marking the end of the 2020 International Year of Plant Health,  is in trusted hands of organiser Jungle Talks.

To attend the 2 February webinar,  register here

Did you miss the kickoff session on December 22, 2020? Watch it on demand here. Note that you have to register first before the recording starts.

For information visit www.koppert.com

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