2200 classes to plant 1.3 million flower bulbs

HILLEGOM, Netherlands: It’s that time of year again – time to plant flower bulbs. This autumn, tens of thousands of children in the UK, The Netherlands, Germany, France, Canada and Sweden will learn how and when to do this after receiving a flower bulb kit from Bulbs4Kids.

This autumn, no fewer than 2200 classes located in 6 countries will receive a Bulbs4Kids kit. With the 600 flower bulbs in every kit, this means that more than 1.3 million flower bulbs will be planted in school gardens. And even more importantly, the Bulbs4Kids teaching materials will help all classes to learn how to plant flower bulbs in a fun and educational way.

The 2200 flower bulb kits will be sent to classes in 6 countries: 350 kits will be delivered to English primary schools, 500 to Dutch primary schools, 750 to German primary schools, 350 to French primary schools,150 to Canadian primary schools and 100 to Swedish primary schools. These schools registered from May until the end of September to receive these kits. You can see which schools they are at www.bulbs4kids.com.

The Bulbs4Kids bulb kit will show every class how get the best out of their flower bulbs. The kit shows the children how to plant the flower bulbs and grow colourful flowers from them, so that they can get hands-on experience of how to do it. The kit includes a range of different flower bulbs, trowels, plant labels, workbooks for pupils, and a teacher’s guide. The Bulbs4Kids programme also includes an exciting photo and video contest. This is a really fun way to plant flower bulbs! The grand prize is the 2021 Golden Flower Bulb.

More and more studies have confirmed the positive effects that experiencing the natural world has on health. Playing in a natural environment and experiencing plants hands-on contributes to the healthy balanced development of children. It makes them smarter, fitter and more creative. But the problem is that urbanisation has made the distance between people and the natural environment greater than ever before. That’s why Bulbs4Kids decided to send 2200 free Bulbs4Kids packs to primary schools. The Bulbs4Kids pack will help children to discover flower bulbs with their class mates.

Bulbs4Kids is initiated by iBulb, the marketing arm of the Dutch flower bulb sector. By means of global PR and advertising campaigns, iBulb is also committed to stimulating the international use of flower bulbs, bulb flowers and bulbs in pots.

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