GIPUZKOA, Spain:  Goizper and Micron are delighted to announce an alliance between these two groups of companies with over 120 years’ experience in the development of spraying equipment.

 Goizper Group is a specialist in hand-held and pressure sprayers (offering the well-known Matabi, Osatu, Inter and IK brands).

Micron Group has specialised in low volume application equipment, having invented and developed the use of rotary atomisers for Controlled Droplet Application for portable, vehicle mounted and aerial equipment (under the Micron and Micronair brand names).

Both Goizper and Micron will retain their identity, with no significant change in organisation or commercial policies.

The new alliance offers advanced spraying equipment for agriculture, horticulture, forestry, garden, industrial, migrant pest and public and animal health applications worldwide – from robust sprayers to help millions of smallholder farmers in the developing countries boost crop yields, and protect their health against malaria and other vector borne diseases, to precision farming and aerial spraying systems for large scale agriculture, as well as covering specialised industrial and garden uses.

Both Goizper and Micron are dedicated to providing application equipment that ensures efficient and environmentally responsible spraying – evidenced by their longstanding and worldwide customer bases, including long term supply to aid agencies and governments for public health (e.g. malaria) and migrant pest (e.g. locust) control programmes, and many awards.

The combined range of products and the greater resources of the new alliance will further boost the ability of both companies to build on their past success and further develop application equipment to meet the future needs of growers, users and regulators worldwide for ever greater safety and efficiency in application (with both companies involved in long term R&D programs and development of International Standards). The new alliance, dedicated to progress in technical development of advanced application equipment and with a worldwide capability and reach, is well positioned to help meet future application needs and challenges across the globe.

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