HELSINKI, Finland: Crop science, vertical farming and cannabis industry experts are in the spearkers line-up of the LEDs & Innovators Conference 2018 held on Wednesday, the 2nd day of GreenTech. The conference consists of three blocks participants may choose from, it is free of charge for GreenTech visitors but seats are limited and only few left.


10.20 – 11.30 Crop Science and Light

12.00 – 13.30 Vertical Farming Innovators Panel

14.00 – 15.00 Hard Science Talk on Cannabis

The Crop Science and Light session will cover topics of speed breeding, basil cultivation and peronospora control with LEDs. (presented by Ms. Stefanie Linzer, Biologist of Valoya, the provider of LED grow lights and Dr. Giovanni Minuto, the Director of CeRSAA, the Italian agriculture research institute).

The Vertical Farming Innovators Panel follows and the speakers line-up consists of:

–        Mr. Richard Ballard (Co-Founder, Growing Underground, London)

–        Mr. John Apesos (CEO & Co-Founder, GROWx, Amsterdam)

–        Mr. Mark Korzilius (CEO & Co-Founder, Farmers Cut, Hamburg)

–        Mr. Thomas Zöllner (Vice Chair, Association for Vertical Farming) and

–        Mr. Lars Aikala (CEO, Valoya).

During this session, the panelists will briefly present themselves and their companies after which we will go through the questions submitted by participants in advance, in the sign-up form. This will be followed by additional questions from the audience. This panel is a unique opportunity to hear directly from the heads of some of the most known European vertical farms about the ins and outs of vertical farming.

The Hard Science Talk on Cannabis session will be hosted by Dr. Gianpaolo Grassi, one of Europe’s leading figures on Cannabis sativa research and head researcher of the research institute CREA-CIN in Italy. Dr. Grassi has been running a comparative study on the effects of various LED spectra on cannabis, more specifically on accumulation of secondary metabolites such as THC, CBD, terpenes etc. The effects were compared against HPS lighting. Some of the data will be presented.

To learn more about the conference and sign-up click here.

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