Flashback: Euroflora 2022

A successful 12th edition

The 12th edition of Euroflora, the International Flower and Ornamental Plant Show held for 16 days in the Parks and Museums of Nervi, in Genoa, Italy, attracted 240,000 visitors, reaching record figures on social networks and had an increased presence of businesses, institutions, and investors.

There were many of initiatives taking place during the event to celebrate Italian ornamental horticulture. Here is a short video showing the launch of Rosa Di Genova.

Euroflora 2022 attracted
240,000 visitors in 16 days






Garden Competitions

With the 12th edition, Euroflora has regained its title as a leading European event promoting the highest quality of Italian and foreign plants and flowers.

On the show’s first day, HRS Prince Albert of Monaco visited. On that day, he was awarded honorary citizenship of Genoa and took the opportunity to visit the displays at the Euroflora.

During the 16-day Show, visitors from all over Italy could admire the best Italian and foreign floriculture and nursery gardening production. Ninety gardens were set up for the show; 10 landscape architecture projects were on display, following a highly selective contest, “Micropaesaggi”; and over 300 exhibitors, including large collective displays and individual businesses, represented Italy’s first-class products, municipalities, and leading institutions like the Italian Ministry for Agriculture and Forestry Policies, the Ministry for Ecologic Transitions, the National Association of Nursery Stock Exporters, and the Italian Floriculturist and Nursery Gardeners Association. Euroflora held 257 garden competitions.

Best Practices

Euroflora 2022 communication project was developed with an eye to achieving a major international event’s objectives and distinctive features. From online marketing to visual campaigns on national media, from branding activities to customised mobility solutions, the Euroflora brand was promoted on every communication channel and mode. The event’s elegance, standing, and grandeur were the core elements of the communication concept pursued by the project, coordinated down to the last detail by a dedicated team.

AIPH recognises Euroflora’s success for its short horticultural show and asked the Expo organisers to put together a Best Practices document that could be useful for other Expo organisers to reference.

View the Best Practice report here.

News Stories

Nature’s beauty and ‘panorami mozzafiato’ at Euroflora 2022

A World of Rare Beauty opens in the parks of Genoa, giving a high profile to the Italian horticulture industry in these challenging times.

Italian floriculture and nursery gardening in the spotlight after a successful Euroflora 2022

Raising the importance of Italian horticulture.

All Photos by Euroflora 2022.
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