Enhancing Reputation

AIPH Expos contribute to increasing the host city’s reputation and improving its image worldwide. While preparing an Expo, cities sharpen their own vision for the future to create compelling communications, a transformative effect for city reputation locally, in their country and internationally.​

The city of Suncheon, South Korea, became known as the city spreading the new values in Korea. Its Suncheonman park, making part of the 2013 Expo site, was recognized as the first National Garden in Korea; with 15 more parks across Korea now applying for this distinction. The 2013 Expo motivated progressive health policies, sustainability initiatives, species preservation and raised the city profile internationally.​

Given the Expos’ extensive visitation and international participation, they also attract businesses, foreign organizations, new citizens and investment in the long run as “the place to be”.

Some of the reported benefits include:​

  • Promoted the city, region and country as eco-friendly and eco-conscious​
  • Encouraged foreign trade and direct foreign investment​
  • Increased numbers of international organizations established in Expo city and region​
  • Facilitated diplomatic relationships and trade with other countries​
  • Increased future hosting of international events

Diplomatic and Trade Relationships

Hosting AIPH horticultural Expos can help facilitate unique opportunities for increasing trade and building and strengthening diplomatic relationships with countries from around the world.

Previous host cities have reported their AIPH expos had participation from between 23 and 83 countries from all over the world, who all gathered for the Expo and fostered strong and long-lasting diplomatic and trade relationships.

Previous host cities have reported the Expo played an essential role in:​

  • Boosting business and trade exports: Not only garden and horticultural products, but also products from other key industries.​
  • Increasing interest from foreign horticultural groups: Promoting exchange of experiences, legacy plans, partnerships and collaboration.​
  • Building and maintaining great relationships: Hosts have held meetings and donated Expo items to foreign governments in order to encourage positive diplomatic and trade relations.​
  • Promoting the host city to other countries: To showcase their country’s attractiveness to invest as well as its key products and services​
  • Celebrating important dates: commemorating national independence years, etc. The 2011 Expo in Thailand celebrated the birthdays of the King, Queen and Prince, and had participation from 31 countries. ​