Education and inspiration​ ​

International Expos were envisioned to be source of inspiration and education for the world. ​

According to the historical BIE convention of 1928:

“An exhibition is a display which, whatever its title, has as its principal purpose the education of the public”.​

Even more so today are Horticultural Expos, with subjects they raise that affect our planet. The impact of AIPH Expos on citizen education, knowledge exchange, generation of ideas and development of a knowledge economy is huge particularly in:

  • Reinforcing awareness of sustainability and environmental issues​
  • Informing citizens on the use of plants and their benefits for their health and well-being​
  • Promoting industrial progress in the field of horticulture and landscaping through an exchange of horticultural knowledge​
  • Promoting innovation in the horticultural sector​
  • Sharing ideas and cooperating internationally and across sectors​
  • Inspiring community-led initiatives, social cohesion and a beautiful green legacy

Case study: Floriade Dialogue

In 2009 the Floriade 2012 started the Floriade Dialogue program.

The Floriade Dialogue is the knowledge exchange program and an international platform, bringing together international professionals within the field of science, business and government.

The Floriade 2022, Amsterdam-Almere, continues the Floriade Dialogue with the topics revolving around its central theme: ‘Growing Green Cities’, and its four subthemes: ‘Green, Food, Health or Energy’. One of the Expo subthemes becomes the leading theme for each Dialogue. The Dialogue programme consists of 5 editions a year. ​

Following the Floriade Dialogues and Floriade 2012, some countries took Greenport Venlo as an example in the development of their own food production. Knowledge exchange created by the Expo provided for new business opportunities and forms of cooperation for local companies, internationally.