Expo Benefits

Hosting an International Horticultural Exhibition will change a city and its community forever

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Introducing Blooming Economies and Cities to Inspire the World


Is the estimated direct economic impact of an expo

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Direct Economic

Sustainable Expos

AIPH requires the Expo organiser to think of the Expo legacy and find sustainable solutions for the further use of the Expo park, infrastructure and support of the created immaterial legacies.

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Long lasting diplomatic and trade relations

Previous host cities have reported their AIPH expos had participation from between 23 and 83 countries from all over the world

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Investment in new infrastructure

One of the primary requirements for a successful Expo project is its integration with the city and region and a positive impact it can have on city development, mobility and land regeneration.

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5 m people every year between 2015 – 2020

Visited the 2013 Expo site, Suncheon Bay National Garden
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Raising focus on subjects that affect our planet

Horticultural expos are a source of inspiration and education on topics that affect our planet. 1500 was the number of educational activities for children held at 2012 Floriade, Venlo.

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Education & Inspiration

Collaboration and cohesion

Preparing, planning and hosting AIPH Expos bring together experts from different industries, often from the host city, to build together an institutional capacity that will benefit before, during and after Expos.

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Capacity Legacy