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In 1948, amid strained relationships following the end of the Second World War, a group of representatives from the national grower associations of Western Europe came together in Zurich. They were united by an ambition to mend relations between European horticulturists, to rebuild burnt bridges. That vision inspired them to form the Association Internationale des Producteurs de l’Horticulture (AIPH), laying the foundations for an international community that exists to this day.

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Sustainability Policy Sustainability in Ornamentals Production AIPH Sustainability Conference 2021


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3 September 2024 - 7 September 2024 , Warsaw, Poland

76th AIPH Annual Congress

AIPH Green City Conference to showcase urban greening in arid climates

Water availability, urban heat island effect, and energy use are major concerns shared by desert cities around the world. Taking…

5 March 2024 - 6 March 2024 Arabian Standard Time, Doha, Qatar

AIPH Green City Conference 2024


We aim to put flower, plant and landscaping services on a global agenda, with a vision to:
  1. Stimulate increased demand for ornamental trees, plants, and flowers worldwide

  2. Protect and promote the interests of the industry

  3. Be an international hub for industry information and knowledge exchange

  4. Lead best practice in ornamentals production

  5. To strengthen national grower associations

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Globally we act as the central source of industry information. Our statistical yearbook gives an unrivalled view of industry trends and developments, valued by our community and all who take interest in our rapidly moving sector. We bring members together both physically and digitally and encourage the sharing of new ideas and techniques so that horticulture never stands still.


We advocate fair and robust plant breeders’ rights, encouraging innovation and rewarding quality so that growers too can reap the benefits of their work. We promote the most sustainable, ethical, and advanced practices in ornamental plant production, celebrating the most progressive growers and sharing pioneering new approaches. This strengthens the ornamental horticulture industry and is an affirmation of our determination to build a more balanced future from the ground up.

Latest from AIPH

Blooming violets grown in modern greenhouse
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Environmental footprinting in horticulture was the topic of discussion in the International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH)’s Horticultural Industry Conference,…

MPS to spotlight environmental footprinting tool at AIPH Horticultural Industry Conference

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Royal FloraHolland to present new horticultural footprinting standard at AIPH conference

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