Melbourne Green City Conference

AIPH to reveal secrets of a Healthy and Sustainable City

City decision makers, planners, landscape architects and the horticulture industry are invited to attend the next International Green City Conference of the International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH).  Leading experts in health and sustainability have been secured to speak at the conference which will take place at the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show (MIFGS) in Melbourne, Australia on 22 March 2018 in association with Nursery Garden Industry Australia (NGIA) and Principle R&D Partner, Hort Innovation.

The conference, entitled ‘Towards a Healthy and Sustainable City’ aims to demonstrate how Green Cities are places where people want to live, how it helps them and how ‘living green’ is used to achieve this.

Presentations include how to make high density cities healthier through greening and why green space matters in the fight to prevent heart disease, Type 2 Diabetes and Alzheimers.  Also, covered will be the role of green roofs and case study examples from Korea and Singapore.

High level speakers will outline the strategy for future Green Cities, including Dr. Melanie Davern from RMIT University, Melbourne; Dr. Xiaoqi Feng and Dr. Thomas Astell-Burt from University of Wollongong; Neil McCarthy, CEO of World Urban Parks; Prof. Kim Sung-Kyun of Seoul National University and Andy Kwek from Gardens by the Bay, Singapore.

Chair of the AIPH Green City Committee, Ms Karen Tambayong commented “I am delighted that AIPH can open this invitation to attend a Green City conference made up of such high calibre speakers from Australia and other countries.  I look forward to a high level debate on how greening can make cities healthier and more sustainable.”

The event will take place during a week of AIPH activities in Melbourne.  See

AIPH International Green City Conference

22nd March 2018
Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show, Melbourne, Australia

“Towards a Healthy and Sustainable City”

Conference aims to demonstrate how Green Cities are places where people want to live, how it helps them and how ‘living green’ is used to achieve this.

13:00 – Introduction by Chair, Tim Briercliffe, AIPH Secretary General

Welcome – Karen Tambayong, Chair of AIPH Green City Committee

Why Melbourne is the World’s Most Liveable City – a senior official from Melbourne City Council will outline how they use living green to enhance the quality of life for citizens and how this contributes to Melbourne being named the world’s most liveable city for seven years in a row.

Making Cities Greener in Australia – Ben Peacock, Founder of brand, sustainability and innovation Agency, The Republic of Everyone has managed Australia’s Vision 202020 programme from its launch. Ben will introduce this campaign to increase city greening by 20% by 2020.

The Healthy City

Making high density cities more healthy through greening – Dr. Melanie Davern, Senior Research Fellow, Healthy Liveable Cities Group, Centre for Urban Research, RMIT University, Melbourne

Why green space matters for healthy children and adults – Dr Xiaoqi Feng, Associate Professor of Epidemiology and Principal Research Fellow (Heart Foundation) and Dr Thomas Astell-Burt, Associate Professor and Deputy Head of School-Research, from University of Wollongong, Australia.  Xiaoqi and Thomas will share the evidence on why protecting and developing new green spaces is important for child health and development and also for keeping adults healthy and out of hospital, with a focus on prevention of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease


15:00 – Break

The Sustainable City

The role of parks in making people healthier – Neil McCarthy, CEO of World Urban Parks will explain how well-designed and implemented parks improve the health of citizens

Using Green Infrastructure to improve Seoul – Prof. Kim Sung-Kyun, President of Korean Landscape Institute

The contribution made by Green Roofs to making cities sustainable – Matthew Dillon, President of Green Roofs Australasia

Creating and maintaining a ‘city in a garden’ – Andy Kwek, Senior Director (Conservatory Operations and Engineering) at Gardens by the Bay, Singapore will talk about how Singapore has developed into being a City in a Garden, how it is addressing the challenges of being a green city in the future and why this matters to Singapore.  Andy will also introduce the role of Gardens by the Bay in supporting this aim.


Closing Remarks

17:30 – Close

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