International Grower of the Year Awards 2017


AIPH invites ornamentals growers from all around the world to enter the AIPH International Grower of the Year Awards (IGOTY) 2017.


Costa Farms WinnersWhere: IPM Essen, Germany.
When: January 2017
Deadline for entries: 31 July 2016.

Brought to you by AIPH in partnership with Founding Partner, FloraCulture International (FCI), the awards have been championing outstanding achievement in the sector since 2010. They recognise best practice in horticultural production by the top ornamental production nurseries from around the globe, celebrating the expertise and energy they give to horticulture.

“It’s exciting to see how the award has increased our team’s drive to continue to grow, improve, and be the very best we can be. It was an amazing way to kick off the 2016 season!”

Jose Costa, Executive Vice President of Costa Farms foliage division – IGOTY winner 2016 and Finished Plants and Trees Gold winner

The event commences with a drinks reception followed by a gala dinner and ceremony hosted by Chris Beytes, Editor of US based GrowerTalks. After the awards there will be an evening of celebration with live entertainment and international networking.

We encourage any grower that believes in what they are doing and believes that they are the best to enter this global contest, and we invite all those linked to the ornamental horticulture industry to join us at the awards ceremony when the winners are announced in January 2017.







Bronze, Silver and Gold will be awarded, where applicable, to each category. Each category winner will go on to be judged for the final and most prestigious award – the coveted global status of AIPH International Grower of the Year.

An international jury will look for excellence in five key areas: economic performance, level of innovation, market orientation, environmental standards and human resource policy. Crucially they will also look for the stand out features that elevate the business to be the best grower in its field and the world.




Growers of plants and trees that are ready for final sale.






Growers of cuttings, plugs, liners, seedlings, etc, which are sold for growing on.




CutflowersiconCUT FLOWERS

Growers of flowers and foliage which are cut for indoor decorative use.




You may enter more than one category!


Young Plants_Gold_Florensis_GermanyNetherlands_Flower frame_300pxThese Awards are a great opportunity for businesses. As a winner, a company’s profile is raised on a global scale, instantly badging it as a leading, high quality grower.
An AIPH IGOTY Award is also a priceless marketing tool, supported by global coverage from the International trade media providing winners with maximum coverage.

Plus – It’s free to enter!

  • Demonstrate your professionalism

  • Raise your profile

  • Get the edge over your competition

  • Impress your customers

  • Attract new talent and customers

  • Boost staff enthusiasm and commitment

  • Benefit from a valuable commercial marketing tool

Each finalist will also receive:

  • One free entrance ticket to IPM Essen 2017, the world’s leading trade fair for horticulture.

  • One free ticket to attend the awards ceremony and gala dinner.

Young Plants_Gold_Florensis_GermanyNetherlands_300px“It’s feeling a bit like winning the gold medal In the Olympics. It’s a great way for a company and its staff to be rewarded. I recommend everybody who thinks they are out standing in our industry to apply for this award.”

Mr. Leo Hoogendoorn, CEO Florensis – Young Plants Gold winner 2016



Cut Flowers_Gold_Arcadia Chrysanten_Netherlands_300px“For us it felt like a crown on our work. The following days we received many congratulations and gifts to congratulate us on our victory. To this day we still carry proudly that we have won this award, and we try to use all the positivity of this award in our continued business operations.”

Bart van Ruijven, Arcadia Chrysanten – Cut Flowers Gold winner 2016



Finished Plants & Trees
Young Plants
Cut Flowers

You may choose to enter more than one category.
Please note  one entry form (A) is required per category entry.



Answer every question on entry form (A).
Supply as much information as possible and supply supporting Documentation if necessary.


Complete the trade reference form (B).
Are you being nominated by an AIPH member or a national trade body, or do you need to collect trade references? Contact the AIPH member, national trade body or trade references now to  ensure they are happy to nominate you/act as a trade reference.  Sign off your entry and send your completed entry to your nominator or trade references for their review and sign off.



Mark any supporting documentation as (C) documents.
Read full rules and procedures 2017 at


  • Entry form (A)
  • Trade reference form (B) (If applicable)
  • Supporting documents (C)

Once your entry is complete email it to by Friday, 31 July 2016.

We look forward to receiving your entry!


There are two routes to enter the AIPH IGOTY Awards:

  1. Nomination

You may be nominated by an AIPH member or a national trade body that is based in your home country, following the results of a national competition or by acting as a trade reference.

Nominators can support a maximum of three entrants per category. Visit to view the current AIPH member list.

  1. Direct application

You may enter directly by nominating yourself. This option is only granted where there is no national trade body or if you have no links to a national trade body, in your home country. You will be

expected to provide a minimum of two trade references and the jury may request further information. Please read full rules & procedures 2017, at to see the restrictions on who can act as a trade reference.

AIPH will contact and verify the organisation(s) that have nominated you or acted as trade references.


Entries can be in English or in your native language. Each entry must be sent in a MS Word document by email to with any supporting documents in a MS Word document or PDF file.

If English is not your native language and you are not fluent, we would advise completing your entry in your native language and paying a fee for a translation service. This will ensure your entry remains accurate and that the information provided comes across clearly to the judges. You can also receive all documents such as the instructions on how to enter and the full rules in your language. If you wish to enter and receive documents in your native language please contact


Adjudication will be by an independent international judging panel selected and approved by AIPH Board Members. The judges’ decisions are final. General comments from the judges on individual entrants can be requested after the Awards are revealed in January 2017 and are intended as direction to entrants for future years.


Sponsorship of the awards positions a company as a committed player in the international ornamental horticulture industry, supporting innovation and successful entrepreneurship.


Awards room_300pxAs a sponsor you will benefit from:
• Brand promotion to the international ornamental horticulture industry
• Link with IPM Essen, Germany, the world’s leading horticultural trade fair
• A fabulous showcase to a global audience of hundreds of guests
• Unique networking with leading growers, suppliers trade organisations and media
• Continued awareness via associated PR and advertising
• Fantastic corporate entertainment for key clients
• Drinks reception, dinner and entertainment

Sponsor speech_300px“It’s only getting bigger and it’s only getting better and we are very proud to be a part of it.”

Lucas Vos, CEO of Royal FloraHolland, 2016 Headline Sponsor

For information about sponsorship packages
contact AIPH Secretary General, Tim Briercliffe:
E:   T: +44 (0) 118 9308956   M: +44 (0) 7885 750324



€35,000 + VAT (if applicable)

Lucas Vos, CEO of Royal FloraHolland, 2016 Headline Sponsor_300px Sponsor table large_300px






As a Headline Partner of the AIPH International Grower of the Year Awards 2017 your company will be identified as the main partner for the event, receiving the full benefits package as well as several exclusive opportunities.

Exclusive features:

  • Presentation and speech at the awards ceremony
  • Present the Gold Rose award to the overall winner
  • Two gala dinner tables for a total of 20 guests
  • Prominent and large exhibition stand in the drinks welcome reception foyer
  • Full page advert in awards brochure

€15,000 + VAT (if applicable)

Sponsor on stage_300px Sponsor table_300px






Silver – Category Headline Sponsor opportunities are available of the AIPH International Grower of the Year Awards where your company will receive a valuable benefits package including several unique opportunities:

Unique features:

  • Brief speech with holding slide at the awards ceremony
  • Present the awards to category winners
  • One gala dinner table for a total of 10 guests
  • Exhibition stand in the drinks welcome reception foyer
  • Half page advert in awards brochure

€7,500 + VAT (if applicable)

Table card_300pxDinnerdrinks_300px





Unique features:

  • Four gala dinner seats
  • Quarter page advert in awards brochure
  • Exhibition table in the drinks welcome reception foyer


Gold frame_300px







  • 10% discount on gala dinner seat based on published rates
  • All the benefits as outlined in the ‘Marketing, advertising & PR’ section
  • Gala dinner sponsorship – €3,000
  • Pre-dinner drinks welcome reception – €2,000
  • Table centres – €2,000
  • Wine (red and white) – €2,000
  • Internet provider sponsorship – €2,000
  • Programme sponsorship – €1,000
  • Canapes – €1,000
  • Coffee – €1,000
  • Company advert showcased during pre-dinner drinks welcome reception and during the gala dinner – €1,000
  • Half page advert in the awards brochure – €1,000

For information about sponsorship packages
contact AIPH Secretary General, Tim Briercliffe:
E: T: +44 (0) 118 9308956 M: +44 (0) 7885 750324

IGOTY reception_500px


We are passionate about ensuring the AIPH International Grower of the Year (IGOTY) Awards are robust and fair to entrants whilst remaining straightforward to enter. Enter the competition by submitting your application by 31 July 2016 and gain global recognition!

Each finalist will receive:

  • One free entrance ticket to IPM Essen 2017, the world’s leading trade fair for horticulture.
  • One free ticket to attend the awards ceremony and gala dinner.
  • One year’s free advertising*


May/June 2016

Express interest.

Send your company details to

31 July 2016

Deadline to submit entries

Send to

August/September 2016

Additional information

You will be asked to provide any additional information (if necessary)

October 2016


Final judging will take place at the AIPH Congress

26 January 2016

Awards ceremony and gala dinner Taking place in Essen Germany, alongside IPM Essen 2017, the world’s leading trade fair for horticulture



The company entering must be primarily operating as a wholesale grower of plants.

The Entry Form (Form A) must be completed by a person working for the business. You may have help from people outside the business (for example your accountant might provide your financial information), but the form should be compiled and checked by a member of staff.

All materials submitted must be in ENGLISH*. If you submit any other documents in another language (e.g. press cuttings) then the jury may not be able to read this. We offer a translation service if English is not your native language and would advise the use of this to ensure the sentiment of what is written will come across clearly to the jury.

All materials and information submitted (with the exception of client names and locations and budgets) must be free of restrictions of reproduction so it can be used in the promotion of your work and of the Awards, should you win.

*Language Entries can be in English or in your native language. Each entry must be sent in a MS Word document by email to with any supporting documents in a MS Word document or PDF file. If English is not your native language and you are not fluent, we would advise completing your entry in your native language and paying a fee for a translation service. This will ensure your entry remains accurate and that the information provided comes across clearly to the judges. You can also receive all documents such as the instructions on how to enter and the full rules in your language. If you wish to enter and receive documents in your native language please contact



The procedure is designed to be simple and not time consuming.

All you need to do is fill in:

1. The Entry Form ( A )

This is your application form.
Please restrict your answer to each question to a maximum of 300 words.

2. The Trade Reference Form ( B )

You can apply directly or be nominated.

3. Supporting Documents ( C )

You may provide supporting documentation, such as photographs or advertisements. Please mark these as Document C.

Full explanation of the procedure

A completed Entry Form (Form A) in ENGLISH* (Although arrangements can be made to allow you to fill in the form in your native language. The application will then need to be translated to English by a professional translations company. The applicant will carry this cost.)

The Trade Reference Form (Form B) must be completed and submitted with your application. Without Form B, Form A becomes void.

Supporting Documents (Marked as C), are not compulsory to submit along with your application. These are mere suggestions on how you can strengthen your application. For example: Photographs, videos, press cuttings, promotional materials, procedural documents, certificates for environmental or working standards etc., in ENGLISH*

A high resolution copy of the company logo in PDF and JPG formats.

Photographs: A maximum of 10 high resolution photographs may be submitted. We encourage you to submit photographs of:

  •  The company workforce and any key personnel
  •  The headquarters of the company and the working environment
  •  Photos that demonstrate your high standards
  •  Any other photos you feel would strengthen your entry

Videos: A maximum of five high quality videos may be submitted.

To submit any large files, please send using or share by using



STEP 1: (Question: 1.1-1.3) Choose which category you wish to enter

Categories: The three categories cover different types of grower businesses. These have been introduced so the awards can better represent the wide range of growers operating around the world and give them a better opportunity to win an award. The categories are as follows:

  •  Finished Plants & Trees Growers of plants and trees that are ready for final sale.
  •  Young Plants Growers of cuttings, plugs, liners, seedlings etc., which are sold for growing on.
  •  Cut Flowers Growers of flowers and foliage which are cut for indoor decorative use.

Each company may enter more than one category.

You will be required to fill in one ‘Entry Forms (A)’ per entry. For example if you enter two categories you will need to enter two ‘Entry Forms (A)’.

STEP 2: (Question: 2.1-2.5) Providing financial information

The financial information you provide must be approved by either your financial auditor or your management accountant.

The budget for the current year (must be approved by the Company Board).

The Jury must respect the confidentiality of all information submitted by the entrant, whether oral or in writing. A jury member will not enter into discussion, comment or correspondence should the jury decision be challenged by a nominee. This must be sought directly from the AIPH secretariat. To protect and respect the confidential nature of the applications, each jury members is expected to sign a legal ‘Confidentiality Agreement’.

STEP 3: (Questions: 3.1 – 6.5)

Please complete sections on:

  •  Level of innovation
  •  Market orientation
  •  Environmental standards
  •  Human Resource policy



Obtaining your Nomination/Reference There are two routes for entering the AIPH IGOTY Awards.

1. Nomination by an AIPH member or a national trade organisation

AIPH members are organisations that represent the interests of ornamentals growers in their countries and regions. AIPH members are entitled to nominate entrants; visit to view the current AIPH member list. Each AIPH member can nominate a maximum of three entrants per category, either from the results of a national competition or by acting as a trade reference where there is no national competition. Where there is no AIPH member in their home country, entrants should be nominated by a national trade body based in their home country. National trade bodies can nominate a maximum of three entrants per category either through a national competition or by acting as a trade reference.

Conditions for nominations by National Trade Bodies:

Where an entrant is nominated through the results of a national competition, a copy of the original report or comments from the national competition’s judging panel or jury, must be provided in ENGLISH, giving the reasons for selecting the candidate (max two pages).

Where an entrant is nominated by a national trade body, but there is no national competition, a trade reference must be provided within Entry Form (A).

2. Direct application

Where there is no national trade body, or if a grower has no links to a national trade body in their home country, they can nominate themselves but will be expected to provide a minimum of two trade references.

Conditions for Trade References:

Companies acting as a trade reference must comply with the following rules:

The reference must be active in and with a focus on the horticulture industry.

The company must have been in business for a minimum of two years prior to 1 January 2015.

The reference must not be related or affiliated with your business in any way.

The reference must give a reference for your business of their own free will and must not accept anything in return for acting as a reference.

Each trade reference must complete Trade Reference Form (B). The company providing the reference will be asked to answer the following questions:

1. How long have you known the business applying for AIPH IGOTY?

2. What is the nature of your business with them?

3. Please explain why this business should be considered as IGOTY?

AIPH may contact the organisation(s) that have nominated or acted as trade references for each entrant to verify the information given.




The judging panel comprises of seven people (one chairman, three category chairmen, three judges) and are selected and approved by the AIPH Executive Committee for a period of three years. The AIPH Executive Committee select specialists to chair each category to ensure a robust and fair process and an overall chairman to ensure the category chairmen are following the guidance and to ensure the overall winner is selected in a fair manner.

All judges must meet the following criteria:

  • Their day-to-day role must be active in and with a focus on the horticulture industry.
  • They must be knowledgeable on the ornamental horticulture production sector and will not have any conflict of interest in relation to entrants.
  • They must commit to reading and understanding the regulations of the International Grower of the Year Awards and to following them closely.
  • They must personally read and scrutinise the information sent to them about each entrant and give a reasoned review of each entrant through the Judging Form, giving a mark for each of the criteria.
  • They must take part in judging discussions (if needed these will be done by phone or video call) plus the final judging at the AIPH Congress in October 2016.
  • They must respect the confidentiality of all information submitted by the entrant, whether oral or in writing.
  • A jury member will not enter into discussion, comment or correspondence should the jury decision be challenged by a nominee. This must be sought directly from the AIPH secretariat.
  • To protect and respect the confidential nature of the applications, each jury members is expected to sign a legal ‘Confidentiality Agreement’.
  • General comment from the judges on the standard of individual entrants can be requested after the awards are revealed in January 2017 and is intended as direction to entrants for future years.


A Gold, Silver and Bronze will be awarded to each category, plus possibly one further honorary plaque. The three Gold winners of each category will then automatically be entered as a candidate for the prestigious overall IGOTY Award.

*Free Advertising, marketing and PR:

One year’s FREE advertising: Awards logos will be issued to all winning and shortlisted companies within two weeks of the awards for use on their websites, press releases, headed paper etc. Mention on Twitter and Facebook. Inclusion in all promotional material including email, website and event PR. Your company name and logo on AIPH website and event page. Free promotion of your company in the Winners brochure which is a gift to all guests (300 – 500) attending the awards ceremony.



Please do not hesitate to contact Maria Wallin, AIPH Business and Events Manager

Address: 19 High Street, Theale, Berkshire, RG7 5AH


Tel: +44 (0) 118 930 8956

Mobile: +44 (0) 7825 816 266



Ornamental growers from Canada, China, Germany, Netherlands, Turkey, UK and USA were finalists in the AIPH IGOTY Awards 2016.               

Chairman of the international jury and AIPH Past-President, Vic Krahn, commented on the entries, “The jury was very impressed with the exceptionally high standard of the entries received this year. It was a huge task with so many more entries than previous years. The high standards of the entrants meant the jury had to work exceptionally hard. However, in every judge’s case, they found it extremely thrilling to assess such high quality businesses. They know with certainty that this industry will be truly inspired by these world acclaimed businesses.”

AIPH Secretary General, Tim Briercliffe added, “We have been so pleased with the response from growers around the world to the call for entries in this expanded global contest. There are winners this year than ever before.”


Costa Farms USA logo
Costa Farms USA Photo






Costa Farms, USA 

Costa Farms is one of North America’s largest growers of ornamental plants regularly bringing new products to retailers on an international scale. It grows a wide range of plants, including houseplants, orchids, indoor and outdoor cacti and succulents, tropical shrubs, annual bedding plants, and perennial bedding plants. Costa Farms actively tests hundreds of new varieties in its Trial Gardens every year to find best-in-class products to offer to customers. It invests heavily in research and development and is continually trialling new growing techniques to improve product quality, company efficiency, and give a better experience to end consumers. The Costa Farms family also takes sustainability to heart, seeking to make the business more sustainable and reduce its climate change impact. Founded in 1961 by Jose Costa, Costa Farms is a third-generation, family-owned business with more than 60 years of experience in growing quality finished plants. Today Costa Farms employs more than 3,400 people in the United States, Dominican Republic, and China, and has some 4,200 acres of production globally. Along with thriving indoor and bedding plant divisions, Costa Farms operates merchandising and young-plant production divisions as part of its infrastructure, with operations domestically in South Florida and North and South Carolina, and abroad in the Dominican Republic and the Far East.



Majestic Trees UK logo Majestic Trees UK Photo






Majestic Trees, UK  

Majestic Trees grows finished plants and trees and has had resounding success in unlocking the market potential for direct supply of mature trees. With trees from 12/14 up to 1.1 meter girth, 3 to 13 meters tall and 50 to 5,000 litres AirPots, the company grows, supplies and plants nationwide with its own fleet of heavy transport and custom equipment to ensure total customer satisfaction. Majestic Trees strives to provide excellent quality, exceptional service and exemplary professionalism. From the painstaking efforts made to select only the finest tree stock to grow on; the pruning of the trees, potting and growing on in AirPot containers till they reach their full potential; and the marketing and thereafter devotion to customer service both at the nursery and at the point of delivery, overcoming any obstacles, however large the tree, Majestic Trees is renowned across Europe as a team of passionate and dedicated horticulturists. Key components of its innovative strategy have included: early adoption of the AirPot container growing production system, cultivation of a uniquely wide range of varieties and sizes, a nursery conceived and developed to be entirely visitor friendly, provision of a high level of customer advisory support, provision of a complete, in-house supply-and-plant package, and the promotion of a team-spirited working culture to encourage professional pride and high staff retention. Majestic Trees, an independently owned company now in its fourteenth year, has grown rapidly and operates today solely from a 20-acre nursery site in Hertfordshire, England.


Dashun International Flower China logo Dashun International Flower China photo






Dashun International Flower, China

Dashun International Flower Co. Ltd. is the largest pot plant grower in China supplying 10,000,000 finished plants to the market. Dashun focuses on the production of plants with colourful flowers, leaves and fruits for the home and office. Its award winning product range, recognised for its best new varieties and high quality, includes Anthurium, Medinilla magnifica, Bromeliaceae, Marantaceae, Rieger Begonia and Kalanchoe. Dashun International Flower Co. boasts 300,000m2 greenhouses which are built and equipped with modern technology, such as geothermal, sub-irrigation, automatic environment control and automatic spraying systems. The company established a quality control system for all aspects of its production, is certified to ISO9001 quality management system and uses an electronic grading system for its finished products. Innovation is a key focus for Dashun International Flower Co. which has introduced new equipment and facilities from manufacturers including Priva and Stolze, new varieties from Anthura, Exotic Plants, Queen and Greenex, and production techniques more widely used in developed western countries. It has also adapted the new technology to its environmental and production conditions. The company has set itself high standard for sustainable production. It collects all rainwater and reuses all of its irrigation water, uses a comprehensive pest management system, and minimises chemical use.


Dutchmaster Nurseries Canada Logo Dutchmaster Nurseries Canada photo






Dutchmaster Nurseries, Canada

Dutchmaster Nurseries is one of the leading wholesale nurseries in Ontario producing trees, shrubs, and perennials for wholesale purposes and shipping throughout Eastern Canada and the Eastern United States. It prides itself in being the best it can be at growing and supplying its products, and knowing that there are many excellent growers in Canada and beyond, the company looks for ways to set itself apart. Aside from providing quality plant material and good customer service, as most customers have come to expect, Dutchmaster Nurseries also focuses on other key competencies. One such competency is constant availability. Understanding that deadlines are important and that landscape construction projects do not always go as planned, Dutchmaster Nurseries aims to have on-hand availability of plant material. Another competency is very fast turnaround time even for last minute orders. At Dutchmaster Nurseries, crop selection is very important and it is an avid purveyor of disease resistant cultivars. Innovation is also very important. Improvements in areas such as crop selection and production, automation techniques, waste minimisation, research and development as well as others are essential to the company. In addition, Dutchmaster Nurseries engages in a number of practices in order to be a leader in environmentally friendly initiatives.



  Arcadia Chrysanten Netherlands logo Arcadia Chrysanten Netherlands photo





Arcadia Chrysanten, Netherlands

Arcadia Chrysanten, Netherlands, specialises in the cultivation and marketing of bunched and disbudded chrysanthemums, producing 50 million high quality branches a year for sale in both Eastern and Western Europe. Constantly looking for innovative shapes and colours, the company produces 20 varieties of chrysanthemum which are market and customer-oriented. It has expanded its range with disbudded chrysanthemums in particular, as well as through new species and by adapting to the season. Arcadia is socially responsible, making sustainability a top priority. It regularly reviews its cultivation processes to identify ways to become more energy efficient and as a result, is a leader in The New Cultivation (Het Nieuwe Telen) in which it seeks to optimise both technique and cultivation. It is also closely involved in a number of new innovative developments, such as “Next Generation Cultivation” which includes a 25% reduction in energy use. For example, Arcadia’s new location utilises a new type of glass that allows 7% more light to pass through, improving light distribution and removing shadows. Another innovation improves the maintenance of plant quality during transportation by using vacuum cooling. For each of these innovations Arcadia is either a pioneer or working in partnership to implement them. Arcadia boasts four cultivation sites with a total area of 20 hectares. In the Westland, it has two branches with one in De Lier and the other in Kwintsheul. The fourth branch is in De Kwakel, near Aalsmeer.  


Flash Tarim Turkey logo Flash Tarim Turkey photo






Flash Tarim Urunleri (Flash Flowers), Turkey 

Founded in 1992, Flash Tarim is one of Turkey’s leading producers and exporters of cut flowers packing more than 1.5 million stems per week to export to more than 20 countries. It produces 16 different kinds of flowers with over 160 varieties, including greens, foliage and carnations. Growing fast, the company’s production area has increased from five hectares in 1992 to 70 hectares in 2015. Starting small, today Flash Tarim has eight different production sites in and around Antalya using high-tech growing standards along with the 23 years of staff experience. By delivering high quality, competitive price and limitless service, Flash Tarim leads the Turkish flower sector with its experience, modern facilities, innovation and competitive structure. Its flowers are packed in boxes that were specially designed according to market demand with all packaging material being 100% recycled and environmentally friendly. The company is proud to supply Turkish flowers all over the world with consignments transported via land, air and sea. Sharing the pleasure of growing and introducing flowers to the world, Flash Tarim harmonises the beauty of the flowers with people to ‘Make a difference’ for an enjoyable life.



Florensis GermanyNetherlands logo Florensis GermanyNetherlands photo






Florensis, Germany/Netherlands

Florensis is an innovative, second-generation family business that has proven its success over the years. Since 1941 it has provided professional growers with new varieties and plant propagation material. More than 2,000 devoted and skilled employees in Europe (with its head office in the Netherlands) and throughout the world produce more than 900 million young plants from seed and cuttings each year. The company specialises in annuals, perennials, pot plants, primroses, pansies and cut flowers. It supplies growers with an unrivalled assortment of more than 4,000 different varieties of plants and flowers of the very highest quality, grown using the most innovative and sustainable technologies. Florensis is also skilled in marketing these products successfully. Florensis international locations in Kenya, Ethiopia and Portugal contribute through production of unrooted cuttings and seeds. Furthermore, large-scale contract production takes place in different countries. Florensis owns a separate production location in Rijsenhout for its Cut Flowers product group. Here, an independent sales organisation services the top European growers. At various breeding locations, the company develops new varieties and works closely together with the most renowned breeders in the industry to produce a unique product assortment. On sustainability, Florensis takes the lead and plays an active role in the continued development of its employees, the building of communities, as well as supporting the natural environment in and around all of its locations in Europe, Kenya and Ethiopia.


 Kunming Hongzhihua Gardening China photoKunming Hongzhihua Gardening China  logo





Kunming Hongzhihua Gardening, China

Kunming Hongzhihua Gardening Co. Ltd. produces and sells cuttings and cut flowers of chrysanthemum. The company’s chrysanthemum cuttings are mainly exported to Japan. In 2014, the export volume was 140 million pieces, which accounts for over 90% of China’s total export volume of these products and 42% of the total import volume of Japan. Kunming Hongzhihua Gardening Co. attaches great importance to scientific and technological innovations, respects and promotes plant breeders rights and carries out standardised production. It has the largest chrysanthemum germplasm resources center in China and even in Asia with more than 2,500 popular chrysanthemum varieties available. It has developed more than 50 new varieties, of which 15 have been authorised with plant breeder’s rights. The company has also become the largest exporter of Chrysanthemum cuttings targeting the Asian market.  Kunming Hongzhihua Gardening Co. was established in 2005 with a registered capital of RMB five million, registered in Yunnan Flower Demonstration Park of Songming County, Yunnan Province. The company’s production base in Songming covers an area of over 40 ha, of which 28 ha are modernised greenhouses.


Shanghai Yuanyi Seedling Co logo Shanghai Yuanyi Seedling Co photo






Shanghai Yuanyi Seedling, China

Shanghai Yuanyi Seedling Co. Ltd. is a leading and the largest horticultural enterprise which initially worked with plug seedling production in China. Bedding plant seedlings are the main products of the company, which include annual and perennial flowers, hanging plants, potted plants, vegetative plants, ornamental vegetables and fruits and mosaiculture materials. It has set up three wholly-owned subsidiaries, nine modernised production units and owns more than 60 hectares of production area and 30 hectares of modernised intelligent greenhouses. In 2014, the total production and sales volume of various seedlings was around 300 million and the company’s average annual growth rate in the past three years has remained above 20%. Yuanyi attaches great importance to technological innovation, its Seedling Research Institute has undertaken and participated in many state-level and municipal-level projects, and won the First Prize of the Shanghai Scientific and Technological Progress Award in 2008. It strives to continuously improve competitiveness by using the best facilities, system integration, high volume production, technological innovation and industry services, and branding. It has directed and completed many innovative projects; it owns advanced seedling cultivation facilities and consistently drives sustainable and ecological development.