AIPH-Approved Expo Progress Updates 2018

At the AIPH Expo Conference, Padova, 2018, we interviewed some of the presenters of Expo Progress Updates to ask them more about the events they are organising. Here is what they had to tell us…

Mr Macej Reimer, what legacy does Lódź, Poland, 2024, aim to create?

Ms Fayqa Ashkanani, tell us about the theme of the Qatar Expo 2021 – ‘Greening the Desert’.

Mr Sven Stimac, why does the Netherlands hold a Floraide every ten years and what is the progress of Almere 2022?

Mr Omar Celebi, why are gastronomy and medicinal plants part of the theme for the Hatay 2021 Expo in Turkey?

Ms Gulia Tassoni, tell us about the theme for Floralies, Nantes, 2019 – ‘Flowers to Live By’ and how this will reflect the seven stages of life.

Mr Harum Guzel, why is AIPH approval so important to the Kharamanmaraş Expo, Turkey, 2023 and how will you collaborate with the horticultural industry in organising this Expo?