What is an International Horticultural Exhibition?

International Horticultural Exhibitions are an amazing vehicle for promoting the power of horticulture in the modern world.  They contribute to the promotion of productivity in all sectors of horticulture and the use of horticultural products, as well as the general public’s appreciation of this industry. International Horticultural Exhibitions also promote world-wide cooperation in professional horticulture.

Exhibitions are used to communicate with the public, governments and within the horticulture industry itself.  They are also important tools for the host city and country in terms of prestige, gaining importance at an international level, strengthening its brand, and promoting a new image (green city, tourist city, innovative city, etc.) in the context of modernisation, innovation, cultural and scientific development.

The fascinating aspect of a Horticultural Expo is its uniqueness in convening a global issue (pollution, CO2 emissions, future generations and environment) to a diverse global public through the languages of ‘green’, culture, diplomacy, entertainment, science, technology and architecture.

The general structure of a Horticultural Exhibition is shown in Figure 1.

The general structure of a Horticultural Exhibition is shown in Figure 1
Figure 1: Structure of an International Horticultural Exhibition (Source: AIPH Organisers Guide for International Horticultural Exhibitions)