AIPH Congresses and Meetings

AIPH holds two meetings per year; Spring Meeting and Annual Congress.  These meetings include meetings of AIPH Committees, guest speakers on topics relevant to the members, discussions on industry issues, networking between members and professional visits to nurseries and organisations of interest to members.  Additional events (including AIPH Green City Conferences and AIPH Expo Conferences) are sometimes added to the meetings.

AIPH Approved Exhibitions 

We are responsible for approving the world’s finest horticultural exhibitions. Upholding the very highest standards, we ensure that approved exhibitions benefit growers and visitors alike by inspiring a greater appreciation of ornamental flowers and plants. Drawing on experience acquired over generations, we provide organisers with expert guidance to create world class spectacles that live long in the memory.

AIPH International Grower of the Year Awards

Each year AIPH runs this prestigious competition in partnership with FloraCulture International.  Nominated growers from all over the world compete for the coveted Gold, Silver and Bronze Roses presented at an international gala awards dinner.

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