2016 Tangshan International Horticultural Exposition (A2/B1)

2016 Tangshan International Horticultural Exposition (A2/B1)

Expo Opens: 29 April
Expo Closes: 16 October

Over 7 million people live in the city of Tangshan and the surrounding area. With a history of mining and ceramics this important Chinese industrial city is also well known for the devastating earthquake that killed 242,000 citizens in 1976. The city was almost completely flattened so when you visit now it is remarkable to see such a strong and vibrant place. The new city has risen from the ashes of the old one in accordance with the cities emblem, the Phoenix Nirvana.

This city continues to rebuild and the 2016 international horticultural exposition is an important part of this ‘rebirth’. The exposition has strong support from the city government. The expo will cover 540 hectares of which 143 ha is a large lake. Construction and planting is well underway on the site which has the advantage of already being a public park with established trees and features. Environmental sensitivity is an important consideration for the organisers.

The exhibition will run from April-October 2016 and is expected to attract over 4 million visitors.
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Some of the planned buildings in the Tangshan Expo park.