Taichung World Flora Exposition – 2018/19 (A2/B1)

Taichung World Flora Exposition – 2018/19 (A2/B1)

3 Nov 2018 – 24 Apr 2019 
Taichung, one of Chinese Taipei’s main cities, is enhancing its natural environment and landscape by hosting the 2018 World Flora Expo.

The main theme of the Expo is ‘Discover GNP’; standing for ‘Green’, ‘Nature’ and ‘People’. The Taichung Expo boldly redefines ‘GNP’ as a new indicator of the value of the harmonious development of Green (green production), Nature (ecosystem) and People (humanity) in Taichung

The Expo spans 60.88 hectares and consists of four theme parks; Houli Horse Ranch; Forest Park; Waipu Yongfeng Park and Fongyuan, Huludun Park which represent the four sub-themes productivity, life, ecology and biotechnology.

The EXPO opened on 3 November 2018 and expects to receive over 8 million visitors during the six months it is open. The four parks within the Expo are close to train stations or highways, making the Expo easily accessible to visitors.