Expo 2021 Hatay, Turkey (B)

Expo 2021 Hatay, Turkey (B)

EXPO 2021 will create a permanent legacy for the city of Hatay. The city is undertaking total development and the Expo will make a long-term contribution to the city’s tourism. Expo 2021 will also brand Hatay as a green city, in a way that previous International Horticultural Expos have created a green brand for other cities around the world.

Expo 2021 Hatay will benefit the city in the following ways:

  • Determine an urban development strategy
  • Increase the city’s International recognition
  • Raise the image of the city
  • Support tourism and the culture industry
  • Increase awareness of environmental and sustainability issues
  • Improve the quality of life for urban people
  • Improve the city’s infrastructure and accessibility
  • Boost temporary and permanent employment.

The EXPO sites continue to serve the city and the public after EXPO and are visited, environment, botanical and organic agriculture. In this respect, activities are planned in order to enable young people to recognize and adopt nature in the EXPO area.

Hatay’s Amanos mountains, due to its rich vegetation, enable the production of natural living tools such as olive, olive oil and laurel soap. It is among the objectives of this project to introduce a habitable, clean environment to the future generations by introducing all of these features to the public, and to ensure that, a natural environment for healthy living, awareness for the environment bir is created.

The fact that our city is located on the Silk Road leading to Central Asia, India and China for centuries, and that even today, the region’s oil and gas products are the most strategic region in the world that can be brought into your network has aroused great curiosity and enabled us to take our EXPO.

Historical, cultural and herbal (3500 plant species, 800 medicine & aromatic plants, 300 endemic plants) we want to bring our values ​​back to the light of the common people of the world. We want to make our city a brand and introduce it to the world.

In the antique city of Hatay, we want to show the world of tolerance and tolerance and the desire and joy to live together for thousands of years despite the bloody battles on our side.

We would like to introduce the history, culture, unique natural texture and mystical atmosphere of Hatay to the world by combining over 600 types of food and gastronomy side with tourism.

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Hatay is one of humanity’s oldest first settlements, from past to present different cultures and the co-existence of different religions, many civilizations hosted have peace, brotherhood and tolerance in the city of Turkey, the Middle East, the Middle East to Anatolia, the Mediterranean ‘ e and its importance to Europe. It determines the economic life style of the geographic region where people live. In this direction, Hatay, which is the old settlement, is the most important gate of the silk road opening to the Mediterranean Sea.

Amanos Mountains of Hatay have taken important path in Medical & Aromatic plant cultivation due to rich vegetation and have made significant progress on sec- ondary basis. By introducing all of these features to the public, leaving a livable, clean environment for the future generations, creating a yaşam natural environment for healthy life, living for the environment iç consciousness will gain momentum by creating more awareness with this project.

The fact that Hatay has a deep-rooted history and that many of the inhabitants lived here, showing the history of our riches and the footprints of our civilizations, is a treasure of the ruins of these civilizations and it is important for the region that this treasure should be shared with the public. In line with this, Expo 2021 Hatay will be a great opportunity for such a goal.

800 medicinal and aromatic plants grow in Amanos Mountains of Hatay. We can turn this richness into therapeutic science methods that can serve the health needs of every period of human life. Increasing the Medicinal and Aromatic Plant Variety in Hatay and Improving the Medical and Eco-Tourism Industry in the Region, Expo 2021 We will turn Hatay into the world’s best Horticultural Therapy, Healing and Empowerment Rehabilitation Center through plants among the future targets of Hatay.

To ensure that the rich plant diversity grown in the Hatay region, the plant museum and other plant varieties grown in the region can be used at the highest level; To manage and develop this variety of plants for educational purposes and to make them accessible to users, the Botanical Garden must be established.

Fertile Soil With Fresh Vegetables and a fruit export of the Center, Turkey’s Amika is one of the important high plains of the agricultural value Plain, 25% of Turkey’s total fresh fruit and vegetable exports in 2016 ‘the like of which occurred in Hatay.

The City of Peace, Brotherhood and Tolerance; One of the Important Destinations of Faith Tourism; Brand City of Culture and Tourism; Center for Export of Fresh Vegetables and Fruits with Efficient Soils; An Important Center in Industry and Trade; In areas such as Biodiversity and Amanos, the EXPO is a province that has a significant national and international place and Hatay will make a significant contribution to the people, the public and the communities.