Expo 2021 Doha, Qatar (A1)

Expo 2021 Doha, Qatar (A1)

14 October 2021 – 17 March 2022

Expo 2021 Doha, is an AIPH approved Category A1 International Horticultural Exhibition. The Expo is themed ‘Green Desert, Better Environment’ and will be held for six months on site spanning 80ha in Doha – the capital city of the State of Qatar.

Expo Theme

The goal is to encourage, inspire and inform people about innovative solutions and the reduction of desertification. Successful results require international cooperation around the same goal and key strategic solutions.

Once upon a time, greening the desert was a challenge. Now, a green desert is possible and to maintain it is an ever more important topic since it can be an answer to global water, energy, and food scarcity problems.

To achieve a green desert, people need to come together to exchange information, technology and innovations for transforming agriculture and lifestyles. By turning the desert into a greener place, the fight against desertification can be helped.

“Green Desert, Better Environment” is based around four sub themes:

  • Modern Agriculture provides new innovations, research and scientific advancements to produce safe, sustainable and affordable food for the increasing population of the world.
  • Technology & Innovation will be the operator of future green solutions while playing an important role in changing direction in the use of fossil fuels, creating solutions for urban industrial pollution and advancing alternatives for chemical-intensive agriculture.
  • Environmental Awareness is a tool for encouraging the protection of natural resources, raising a sense of connection to the natural world and promoting sustainable development.
  • Sustainability is humanity’s common objective for balancing different needs along with the awareness about economy, technology, environment and social sciences.

The Expo

The designated Expo site is a T-shaped area of empty land located in central Doha to the East of Al Corniche Street.

It is very well connected by the road network and serviced by three nearby metro stations – Al Messila Station, Joaan Station, and Hamad Hospital Station. The site is delimited by four major streets, providing four major potential access points.

The Darb Al Saei event site, where significant Qatari cultural and heritage events take place throughout the year, sits to the south of the site. This creates an opportunity to combine and coordinate the service facilities of the two sites.

The general site topography is flat, and its transformation due to the excavation produced by the construction of a metro station will be integrated into the site development.

The attractive and dynamic surroundings will make it a gathering place not only for the community, but for all of Doha City.