International Floralies – Nantes (C)

International Floralies – Nantes (C)

May 8th – 19th, 2019

The Floralies – Nantes is a major event in Western Europe, known as the most prestigious flower show in France since 1956 it is also internationally renowned. The event takes place every five years in the La Beaujoire exhibition park and the 12th edition will be from May 8th to 19th, 2019.

The whole ornamental design of the 2019 edition will have « Fleurs à vivre » (flowers to live by) as a theme. Inspired by a quote from Montaigne, « If life is nothing more than a passage, let’s at least sow flowers along it », the theme will be divided into seven ambiances presented all throughout the indoor and outdoor areas of the park (45,000m²), giving the visitor a sense of change of scenery, enchantment and wonder.

Plant aficionados in all shapes and forms, from professionals to amateurs, associations to municipalities, French to internationals, are invited to take part in the 12th edition of the Floralies – Nantes as ornamental exhibitors.

AIPH is such a highly-regarded community in the industry, it would be an honour to have a great ornamental representation of its members, presenting a wide variety of know-how. As a reminder, exhibition space, technical support & basic materials are provided free of any charge, just like the dedicated communication or commercial space for any stand of 100m² and above. Applications should be submitted before 30 June 2018, more information on the Extranet of the Committee: .

About Floralies Internationales – Nantes:

  • The event’s goal is to unify a large audience, composed of people passionate about flowers, plants, nature and the environment.
  • The first edition dates from 1956 and every single one attracts hundreds of thousands of people.
  • The Committee is also invested in numerous French and international events including Genova Euroflora, Taipei Floralies, Montreal Mosaicultures,…

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For more information, please refer to the Floralies – Nantes