AIPH Structure

  • General Meeting

    Structural decisions regarding AIPH are made at the General Meeting (GM) to which all members are invited. Elections and nominations for the President and Vice-President of AIPH, as well as for Committees Chairs and regional representatives all take place at the GM. There are up to two GMs a year.


    The Board is formed by the President, the two Vice-Presidents, the chairs of each Committee, and representatives of the following member regions:

    1. The United Kingdom (Representative),  Denmark, Finland
    2. The Netherlands (Representative),  Belgium, Germany
    3. Hungary (Representative), Czech Republic, Switzerland
    4. Canada (Representative), USA, Brazil
    5. Turkey (Representative)
    6. P. R. China (Representative),  Australia, Chinese Taipei, Indonesia, Japan (Representative), Rep. Korea, Thailand

    The Executive Committee

    The Executive Committee is formed by the President, the Secretary General, and Vice-Presidents who are responsible for the day to day management of AIPH.

    The Committees

    All members have the right to sit on a Committee. The Standing Committees include:

    Other active groups include:

    AIPH Structure & Committees